EveryOne Home - Ending Homelessness in Alameda County

Measuring Success: Progress Report on Ending Homelessness in Alameda County

On May 3rd, 2013, an EveryOne Home Community Meeting was held to review the 2012 Achieving Outcomes report. The final report includes the feedback we received from that Community meeting. EveryOne Home and community stakeholders celebrate the ongoing improvements in performance and in capacity to collect and analyze data across the system. Especially noteworthy are:

  • The increased number of TH programs meeting the performance benchmark for rate of exits to permanent housing and the improvement across the services only sectors on this same benchmark
  • Continued high rates of retention in Permanent Supportive Housing, the portion of permanent housing exits to unsubsidized housing, and low rates of returns to homelessness including a 13 percentage point drop in that rate for those who exited Emergency Shelters.
  • All sectors improved the rate at which people who entered with no income exited with some.

The Call To Action For Our Community

The community expressed a strong desire to advocate on the political and economic environmental factors impacting our ability to permanently house people, including urging more state and federal resources to expand affordable housing opportunities. Additionally, expanding our system’s sphere to further involve partner systems, such as employment and education, could bolster our ability to improve outcomes, including increasing the rates of persons exiting the system with earned income.

Our own Continuum of Care must be intentional about matching people with the appropriate level of service to resolve their housing crises. This includes targeting Permanent Supportive Housing to those people with the highest needs and appropriately transitioning people out of PSH into other permanent housing when they no longer require supportive services. We want to increase opportunities for sharing of best practices between agencies, especially for higher-performing programs to share what has been working for them.


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2012 Achieving Outcomes Report [PDF]
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