EveryOne Home - Ending Homelessness in Alameda County

Measuring Success: Acknowledgements

The data in this report is extracted from the local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), known as InHOUSE, and supports our efforts to improve the system of care and bring about an end to homelessness by using local HMIS data for strategic planning and as an evaluation tool.

EveryOne Home wishes to acknowledge the work of the many people and organizations responsible for ensuring this report’s publication, especially:

Members of the Performance Management Committee

Stevan Alvarado, City of Oakland
robert barrer, BOSS
Elaine de Coligny, EveryOne Home                                 
Scott Erickson, City of Pleasanton
Brenda Goldstein, LifeLong Medical Care
Frances Harris, East Oakland Community Project
Lucia Hughes, City of Fremont
Wendy Jackson, East Oakland Community Project
Kristen Lee, City of Berkeley
Jeff Levin, City of Oakland
Stacey Murphy, Abode Services
Liz Varela, Building Futures with Women & Children
Andrew Wicker, City of Berkeley
Riley Wilkerson, HCD
Rick Wood, Rubicon Programs

Committee Staff:  
     Yolanda Robles (HCD) 
     Patrick Crosby (InHOUSE)
     Jeannette Rodriguez (InHOUSE)

Members of the EveryOne Home Leadership Board

Amy Hiestand, Amy Hiestand Consulting LLC, Co-Chair
Riley Wilkerson, Alameda County Community Development Agency, HCD, Co-Chair
Sara Bedford, City of Oakland Department of Human Services
Gloria Bruce, East Bay Housing Organizations
Amy Davidson, City of Berkeley Department of Health, Housing & Community Services
Teri Donnelly, Alameda County Social Services Agency 
Jill Dunner, Leadership Board Member 
Damon Francis, M.D., Alameda County Public Health Department
Robert Garcia, Alameda County Social Services
Linda Gardner, Alameda County Community Development Agency, HCD
Lorena Gonzalez, City of Union City Neighborhood Preservation & Housing
Michelle Hasan, Oakland Housing Authority
Meghan Horl, Community and Economic Development Agency, Oakland
Wendy Jackson, East Oakland Community Project
Grace Kong, City of Hayward, Community Services Division
Carla Kennedy, Alameda County Sheriff's Office
Isabelle Leduc, City of Albany
Terrie Light, Berkeley Food and Housing Project
Jane Micallef, City of Berkeley  Department of Health Housing & Community Services
Deanne Pearn, First Place for Youth
Jean Prasher, City of Livermore Community Development Department
Robert Ratner, Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services
Dan Sawislak, Resources for Community Development     Susan Shelton, City of Oakland Department of Human Services
Suzanne Shenfil, City of Fremont Human Services
Eve Stewart, Affordable Housing Associates
Liz Varela, Building Futures with Women and Children
Morris Wright, BBI Construction

HMIS Staff who designed the InHOUSE performance reports and generated the data for this report

Patrick Crosby, System Administrator
Jeannette Rodriguez, HMIS Coordinator


Funders of the InHOUSE HMIS System

City of Alameda
City of Albany
City of Berkeley 
City of Dublin
City of Emeryville
City of Fremont
City of Hayward
City of Livermore
City of Newark
City of Oakland
City of Piedmont
City of Pleasanton
City of San Leandro
City of Union City
County of Alameda, Housing and Community Development Department

Agencies and Jurisdictions Using InHOUSE HMIS System

Abode Services 
Alameda County Housing and Community Development 
Alameda Co. Network of Mental Health Clients 
Alameda Point Collaborative 
Anka Behavioral Health, Inc. 
Bay Area Community Services
Berkeley Food & Housing Project 
Bonita House, Inc. 
Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency 
Building Futures with Women and Children 
City of Berkeley 
City of Oakland 
Covenant House 
East Bay Community Law Center 
East Bay Community Recovery Program 
East Oakland Community Project 
Family Emergency Shelter Coalition 
First Place Fund for Youth 
Fred Finch Youth Center 
Goodwill Industries, Inc.
Homeless Action Center
LifeLong Medical Care
Oakland Homeless Families Program
Operation Dignity
Rubicon Programs
Satellite Affordable Housing Associates
Second Chance South Hayward Parish Hayward CAN
St. Mary’s Center
Swords to Plowshares
Youth Engagement, Advocacy, and Housing (YEAH!)
Yvette A. Flunder Foundation
Women’s Daytime Drop-In Center

Co-Authors of this Report

Kathie Barkow, Aspire Consulting LLC (Report Narrative)  Elaine de Coligny, EveryOne Home (Executive Summary and Conclusion) Jackie Ballard, EveryOne Home (Figures and Data Tables)

Report Review Sub-Committee

Frances Harris, East Oakland Community Project
Stacey Murphy, Abode Services
Lara Tannenbaum, Berkeley Food and Housing Project

Members of EveryOne Home Staff

Elaine de Coligny, Executive Director
Jackie Ballard, Program Specialist
Alexis Lozano, Administrative Assistant

EveryOne Home looks forward to continuing to provide data and similar reports that help this community understand its impact on ending homelessness.



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