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2013 Homeless Count

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2011 Homeless Count

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2009 Homeless Count

Download Final 2009 Report [PDF]

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Information Packet from 2009 Homeless Count Data Release [PDF]

List of all Data Tables and Charts

Homeless Count Methodology

As required by our federal funders, Alameda County conducts a research study every two years to count how many people are homeless in the county and several key characteristics of those who are unhoused. Field work and surveys will generate a report that presents data crossing two variables:

  • homeless status (unsheltered, sheltered in emergency and transitional housing, other homeless situations)

  • enumeration and subpopulations (counts of total persons, number of households with children, number of households without children, chronically homeless singles, severe mental illness, chronic substance abuse, veterans, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, unaccompanied youth under the age of 18)

  • In 2003 and 2009 we conducted a more extensive study that produces data for geographic regions of the county (regions include countywide, Oakland, Berkeley, other north county, mid county, south county, and east county). The broader study also allows us to count those who make up the hidden homeless: households who are living temporarily with friends, relatives, or in a motel who do not have the resources to move into housing and have been notified that the situation is short-term; or households that are facing eviction within 7 days.


Download a PDF of the 2004 Alameda County Homeless Count Report
Download a PDF of the Information packet from 2009 Homeless Count Data Release
Download a PDF of the Final 2009 Homeless Count Report
Download a PDF of the Final 2011 Homeless Count Report