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Resources: Homeless Count 2009 Findings

10%  less than 2007

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Literally Homeless

People who are residing on the streets, places not meant for human habitation, in shelters or in transitional housing programs decreased by 10% since 2007, from 4,838 to 4,341.

  • Since 2003, the literally homeless population declined by 15%.
  • Every region of the County showed a reduction of literally homeless families with minor children.
  • The total population remained fairly flat from 2003 – 2005, with major gains beginning in 2005, showing a 6% reduction in 2007, and a 10% reduction in 2009.
18%  less than 2007

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Chronically Homeless

Countywide, 231 chronically homeless unaccompanied, disabled people moved off the streets and out of shelters into permanent supportive housing and other permanent housing since 2007 – a reduction of 18%. The current chronically homeless population is 1,026.

  • This year’s decrease was the largest ever in the County, far exceeding the 3% reduction from 2005 to 2007.
  • Berkeley and Oakland both showed marked reductions.
Up 168% since 2003

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Hidden Homeless

Since this data was last collected in 2003, the number of hidden homeless (living temporarily with a friend or relative, in a motel, or facing eviction within seven days) has increased by more than two and a half times.

  • From January 2003 to January 2009, the point-in-time hidden homeless population increased from 1,134 to 3,042 people.
  • The hidden homeless population is three-quarters as large as the literally homeless population.

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